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PlayersXchange was created to provide a safe environment for COUPLES to meet other COUPLES and Single Females. Unlike other websites, PlayersXchange will not be selling access to your intimate photos to single men.
You have the made the first move to being part of a hot COUPLES ONLY environment! PlayersXchgange is the place to make your fantasies come true. Here you can meet the hot couples and single females ready to meet the right couple.
PlayersXchange is an exclusive On-line community! Once you are a member, you can party with the hottest couples because soon they will all be here to get away from the singles and unfair website pricing schemes.
Itís our promise to you we will screen all applicants to PlayerXchange and verify all couples and single females to ensure they are real before they have access to your protected images. Meeting "like kind and quality" couples is what itís all about!
PlayersXchange is offering a FREE TRIAL membership for the first six months. After that, we will be offering very fair ten-bucks a month pricing, and super annual pricing. No rip-off Pricing!


PlayersXchange Superior Qualities
No Single Men: Other sites survive on selling your intimate photos to single guys to what they do with your photos. Don't believe us? Ask your current site why they allow single males when most couples don't like them in the site. Itís the bucks and youíre being used!
No Affiliate programs: The money to pay the person that sent you to sites with affiliate programs comes from somewhere... it comes from you! Why pay more for sites that send $7-$10 of your monthly access fee to the person that sent you to the site? Whatís with that? Why pay more for sites just to fill the pockets of other people?
Authentication Process: In order for couples and ladies to become authenticated they must either meet one of the host couples in person or get on webcam and verify themselves... photos and other peoples word will not work in the PlayersXchange. This gives you the ease of mind to know whoís Real and whoís not!
Technological Advances: PlayersXchange has the latest and greatest features of any lifestyle website. We have features that other sites only wish they could have! We listen to our members and make things happen.


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